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Welcome to Today’s Hottest Music, where patrons and musicians meet. Do you need music lessons in your area? Do you need to book musicians for an event or a wedding? Are you a musician looking to pick up some new gigs? Well, that’s why we’re here. Sign up using our membership registration page. Thanks for dropping by!
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Have you ever been on stage and had to worry about tripping over the sound cords to the microphones or to the speakers?  Well I have, and it not only is a nuisance, it's also a safety hazard. Wireless is the only way to go, and guess what? The Karaoke people have it all worked out with wireless microphones for people and instruments. I had to go to my local music shop to create additional banana plugs for the guitars that connect to wireless transmitters, I also converted a couple of personal clip-on mics for fiddle applications. I would never have a hole drilled into my priceless violin. I found that a six to eight channel setup met my needs for my five-person band. One of the members needed two mics. One for his guitar, and one for his singing. Occasionally, we had an additional player join us so the extra channels came in handy. Read More
Music Schools require students to perform at some function as part of their curriculum to help the student grow in music development. These students are eager to find a use of their skills. One such place is the Eastman School of music. They provide a web page to allow patrons to request musicians from the school. The Eastman School of Music is known in the Rochester community for providing excellent musicians for local events and occasions. The Eastman School website is https://www.esm.rochester.edu/gig/ Read More
Find musicians available seeking bands, bands seeking musicians, bands, studio musicians and soloists for hire, and music instructors seeking students. Search all postings or add your own posting for free at http://www.musicmates.com. Music Mates is a Mega Database of musicians in almost every state of the union. Unfortunately, many musicians in your local area are not in it due to the dynamic nature of the world we live in. That is why I created this dynamic website for our changing times. The Group discussions on this web site are real time events, so sign up today and be a part of this growing community. Read More

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